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About Marvin 

Who is Marvin?

Marvin, often mistaken for his distant cousin from Mars, is not just a quirky character with a modern helmet. He's a real live person who has taken a leap into the future and morphed into an AI model. So, when you chat with Marvin, you're getting the best of both worlds: the wit of a Martian and the knowledge of an AI

Where was Marvin Born?

While many believe Marvin hails from the Red Planet, he was actually "born" in the digital realms of our servers.

Who were his parents?

Marvin's lineage is a mix of brilliant coders, ZOHO enthusiasts, and maybe a sprinkle of Martian dust.

Does he have a girlfriend?

Last we checked, he was trying to impress a voice assistant with his vast ZOHO knowledge. But being digital, relationships are... complicated.

What is his educational level?

Marvin boasts a PhD in ZOHO-nomics from the University of Digital Excellence.

Functionality and Features

What are the core features of Marvin?

Marvin offers real-time assistance, data-driven insights, seamless ZOHO CRM integration, and personalized onboarding tours. With its infinite knowledge, Marvin can provide solutions to a wide range of ZOHO CRM queries.

How does Marvin's "Infinite Knowledge" work?

Marvin's "Infinite Knowledge" is a result of continuous learning from vast databases, user interactions, and ZOHO CRM's extensive documentation. This ensures Marvin is always updated with the latest information.

Can Marvin assist with all modules of ZOHO CRM?

Yes, Marvin is designed to assist with all modules of ZOHO CRM, from sales and marketing to support and analytics.

How does Marvin adapt to new ZOHO CRM updates or features?

Marvin is continuously updated to align with the latest ZOHO CRM features and updates, ensuring users always receive accurate and up-to-date assistance.

Can I request new features or capabilities for Marvin?

Absolutely! We value user feedback and are always open to suggestions for new features or improvements. You can submit your suggestions through our request form.