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Create Your Own ChatGPT With ALL Your Business Content

While Marvin's foundation is deeply rooted in MFORZ comprehensive datasets, its capabilities extend far beyond. Imagine an AI that doesn't just answer ZOHO queries but also delves into your company's P&O department insights, internal manuals, and other proprietary data sources. 

That's Marvin for you. Whether you need insights from specific departments, guidance from internal manuals, or answers from any other data reservoir within your organization, Marvin can be trained to provide.

 And if your needs are even more specialized? We can craft and train an entirely new bot tailored just for you. With Marvin and our bespoke bot solutions, you're not just integrating AI; you're embedding a digital partner attuned to your business's unique knowledge ecosystem.

Product Features

FeaturesFree EditionPaid EditionEnterprise Edition
OpenAI Version ChatGPT4.0ChatGPT4.0ChatGPT4.0 Turbo
Knowledge BaseZoho OneZoho OneZoho One (Optional)
 Aditional Queries-100100
 Deluge Scriptwriting √ √ √
 Multi Language Support (92+)
 √ √
24/7 Troubleshooting √ √ √
 Rol Specific Guidance √ √ √
 Continues Learning √ √
MFORZ Bot training Instructor--
Your Brand Voice an Tone - - √
Your own data (60 million Words)--
 Zoho CRM Integration--
 Embed Widget and Live Chats's_-
 Full Service Concept --