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Meet Marvin: Your AI-Powered ZOHO Specialist

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Trained with more than 15 years of Zoho Expertise

Infinite Knowledge

Leveraging the vast capabilities of AI, the ZOHO Specialist possesses an ever-expanding repository of knowledge. This ensures that no matter how intricate or specific your query, the AI is equipped with the most up-to-date and relevant information to provide accurate solutions.

24/7 Troubleshooting

Unlike traditional specialists, the AI-powered ZOHO Specialist is available round the clock. Whether it's a late-night query or an early morning request, you can count on immediate assistance from Marvin without any wait times.

AI and  Human 

Beyond immediate troubleshooting, Marvin offers additional resources and support options, such as the bundled support hours with certified professionals and AI support. This ensures that you have access to a range of solutions, from quick fixes to in-depth expert consultations, all under the trusted MforZ umbrella.

Join the Revolution with Cutting-Edge New Features

Deluge Script Writing

With its advanced algorithmic capabilities, the AI-powered ZOHO Specialist can assist in writing, optimizing, and troubleshooting Deluge scripts. This ensures that your ZOHO applications are not only functional but also efficient and tailored to your specific needs.

Role-specific Guidance

Marvin recognizes user roles within ZOHO (e.g., Sales Manager, Marketing Executive, Secretary). Users can specify their role, and Marvin will tailor its responses and suggestions based on that role's typical tasks and responsibilities in ZOHO.

Continuous Learning

One of the standout features of AI is its ability to learn continuously. As it interacts with more users and encounters a wider variety of questions, it refines its knowledge base and improves its response accuracy. This means that the more you interact with the AI-powered ZOHO Specialist, the more tailored and precise its assistance becomes.

Sick of constantly answering the same questions? Marvin will answer them for you!

Step into the future today

Marvin for Zoho
Free Edition


- ChatGPT4,0

- 50 Queries / Month

- Regular customers (TAG)

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Marvin for Zoho 
Paid Edition

EURO 29,00 P/M

- ChatGPT 4.0

- 100 Queries / Month

- Small / Middle / Teams

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Marvin for Zoho
​Enterprise Edition

EURO 395,00 P/M

- ChatGPT 4.0 Turbo

- 1000 Queries/Month
- Small / Middle / Large Teams

- Full Service Solution
- Add your own Data
Continues Learning
- Integrated in ZOHO CRM

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Product Features

FeaturesFree EditionPaid EditionEnterprise Edition
OpenAI Version ChatGPT4.0ChatGPT4.0 ChatGPT4.0 Turbo
Knowledge BaseZoho OneZoho OneZoho One (Optional)
 Aditional Queries-100100
 Deluge Scriptwriting √ √ √
 Multi Language Support (92+)
 √ √
24/7 Troubleshooting √ √ √
 Rol Specific Guidance √ √ √
 Continues Learning √ √
MFORZ Bot training Instructor--
Your Brand Voice an Tone --
Add Your own data (60 million Words)--
 Zoho CRM Integration--
 Embed Widget and Live Chats's_-
 Full Service Concept --

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